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"Merci a toute l equipe de True Color pour leur travaille. J ai particulierement apprecier leur professionalisme et leur ecoute, ce qui m a permis de realiser le site web que j avais imaginer. N' hesitez pas a leur faire confiance.”


Mr. Correia Patrice


Utopia-Expo (France)

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“"I couldn't have been happier with the services and solutions that I received from True Color Design. Not only were they fast and efficient, they captured exactly what I was looking for. If you're looking for quality, let True Color show you what it means."


Mr.Rajendra Khadka

Path Finder Cycling Pvt. Ltd

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True Color

True color believes in the latest Internet technologies, which can substantially increase the efficiency of organizational activities as well as communication and collaborations among the people responsible for their operation and management. Therefore, True Color Come up with the slogan “Technology for Sustainable Development”. We believe Nepal can prosper ultimately with the implementation of Information Technology in every sector. Hence, we also serve our valued clients with services like affiliation, web establishment, web development, web promotion etc.

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